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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

holiday season

In just 2 months, the holiday season will arrive, which also is the end of my high school life. My feelings toward this fact is quite complex. I wouldn't want to remain a high schooler, since my school makes me do all of the subjects, including the ones I think are unnecessary for my future life. In that matter, you are able to choose the classes you want to take in the university, as long as you are able to obtain the credits necessary for advancement. But on other hand, anxiety always generates inside everyone's minds, when a large change in environment is about to happen.

Even though I do have a lot...I mean A LOT of complaints toward my school, it still is a comfortable environment to be in. Newcomers will take the majority, when we advance to university next April. There will be partings with a lot of people whom are very important to me, but there will be just the same amount of new encouters, which both are inevitable.

What was I doing 2 months ago anyway?
This kind of thing is the reason why I'm keeping this blog. It was the midst of the Athens Olympics. I probably was working on my senior thesis, while presenting myself to school for video-editing simultaneously. 2 month is a long period of time indeed, but for some reason, it felt so short. I can't believe that was 2 months ago. This means my high school life is shorter than what I have been imagining. What shall I do in the remaining 2 months, for me to not regret afterwards? The question is yet to be answered...


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