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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

feelin' good

Recently, I'm in a really good mood. I mean, really. I feel like I would be able to float away, after jumping off a skyscraper building or something instead of falling. Well that would be impossible, because of the principles of physics and all the other garbages that exist in our world, but I really do feel like that. lol

Anyway, I went to TSUTAYA in Totsuka, "thanks to" the boredom I had this morning. I had to renew my membership anyway, so after a 20 min. train ride, there I was, in Totsuka. I had a whole list of movies I wanted to borrow, but unfortunately, most of them were either "new", "semi-new", or "out of stock", which meant that all of the movies I wanted were excluded from the bonus they were providing for renewing their membership. However, since I didn't want to go home empty handed, I borrowed this German movie called "Good bye, Lenin!", even though it was labeled "shinsaku" and it costed me 460 yen to rent it just for a night.

The movie was nice, although it maybe a bit...I don't know, maniac? for some people. It takes place in East Berlin, right before the breakdown of the Wall of Berlin. I'm not going to explain the plot here...just enter "Good Bye, Lenin!" in one of the search engines, and you'll find out. lol Upon my renewal, TSUTAYA gave me this book titled "Cinema Handbook 2004", which had a whole list of recommended movies written. It's quite handy, considering the fact that it was free. On my way home on the train, I checked all the movies I've seen in the past. From this procedure, I've found out that I favor dramas, action movies, and science fictions, while on the other hand, I don't like horror movies, animations, and Japanese movies. I haven't watched "Ping-Pong" or "Battle Royale" yet, even though both of these movies were, and still are popular among the Japanese.

Let me note down the movies I want to borrow in the near future here. The name written inside the brackets shows how these movies are called here in Japan. Quite different, isn't it? lol
Along Came Polly (Polly, My Love)
The Good Girl (Good Girl)
Intolerable Cruelty (Divorce Show)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (My Big Fat Wedding)
Love Actually (Love Actually)
The Pirates of the Caribbean (Pirates of Caribbean) lol
2001:A Space Odyssey


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