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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

i feel like talking in english...

I have absolutely no clue why, but for some reason, I feel like talking...excuse me, writing in English. Maybe it's the rebound I'm getting from writing so much in Japanese in my senior thesis. lol This will be my third entry's my first time making 3 posts in a day, and I'm pretty certain that it will be my last too.

I ordered a lot of DVDs today on in the States. (Yes, not As you can see, I've ordered the Season 8 DVDs of my favorite sitcom, "FRIENDS" and the Season 1 DVDs of "Roswell", since it's DVDs were selling
75% off, for $14.99. I've also ordered the Star Wars Trilogy DVDs too, which was recently re-released on DVD. The total expenditure was $96.18 with shipping and handling, currently inside my parents' credit card account.Well, it's WAAAAAAAY cheaper this way then buying the localized version here in Japan, even with international shipping fee included. If I ordered these 3 products on, it would've costed me 39879 yen. (I actually tested it out before ordering) It is about 4 times more costlier here in Japan than $96.18, equivalent to 10387 yen at the current exchange rate.

However, there's this obstacle most people in Japan have against making orders abroad: the region code system. Fortunately, I've found a way to by-pass the region code lock using my PC, which allows me to watch cheap, American DVDs here in Japan. Hehe. Even though the price is cheaper on, 10387 yen is not a small amount of money. Right now, my obstacle is to find out a way to make my payment to my parents for this order...hmm...well, by the time these products come into my hands, I should have the money ready. Hopefully. lol


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