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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

senior thesis wrap up day 1

"I Rui" Alpha students were able to get a day off from school today along with tomorrow, since we weren't given any mid-term exams this semester(or trimester). However, I would like to say that just because we, or at least I got these days off, it doesn't mean I was and will play around like normal holidays; I was working on my senior thesis, continuously for 4 hours now. I assume the weather is also suggesting what the "I Rui" students are supposed to do on this surprise break too, instead of taking it as a chance to go to Disneyland or elsewhere.

I was able to consentrate pretty well for those 4 hours, and was able to wrap up my thesis up to the point where I can't make progress anymore. A visit to the library, which I'm planning to do tomorrow, will give me the key to move on. My planned completion date is tomorrow, all printed out nice and clean, although my concern is the 6 year old printer we have, which I'm hoping to live up to my demand of printing the 34 page long thesis. lol

Ah yes. Yesterday, I played this vocabulary game in
Mr. Griffin's class. It was a game, where you bet your "pounds" (British, lol) on whether or not you think the usage of that vocab in the sentence is correct or not. My group did awful in the beginning, but surprisingly, we won consecutively on the last 5 problems, which made us the winner for our class. The prize was a box of "Pocky". My group won the last "Pocky game" also, which was like 4 months ago, but I never ate any "pockies" ever since. Well, I thought they were really nice. lol So, during the break I took today, I went and bought a box myself, which is really weird, because I never buy snacks myself, using my own money. lol


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