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Friday, October 22, 2004


Another usual school day, nothing more than that. Oh, I did fall asleep deeply today in my French class; something that I haven't done for quite a while now. For 10 minutes straight, I lost conciousness, and made a trip to the dream world. Well, I did obtain enough knowledge from today's class, and the timing I fell asleep was when the class was in the midst of answer check. No problem, at all.

I can't believe that there only
are 2 weeks left until the Culture Festival. What's more, the videos must be finished AND handed in by the 28th. So, in order to speed up the editing process, I remained after my French class to help the "Tetsunagi-han" with their editing, since the group I'm in charge of gave up the idea of making another video ourselves from various reasons. Today turned out to be my first time editing, using the new PCs installed in the AVC room. Holy crap, they're sweet! It's so nice and quick that it's starting to make me regret myself of editing on the old ediiting PCs placed in the library.

This may sound weird for some, but I do have Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 editing software on my PC at home. Unfortunately, my PC's computing power is too slow to actually make me want to edit on my PC. I would just love to get a new PC...maybe a laptop this time. My current PC is already 4 years old. Actually, it's going to turn 4 on the 30th. Maybe, when I'm admitted to the faculty of my choice, my wish could be granted. Who knows? lol


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