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Monday, November 01, 2004


Today was the final game of the Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League, and we were forced a "cheering mission" to the Jingu Stadium again today, since it rained on the originally planned date, Saturday. Fortunately, the weather remained stable throughout the day, at least in Tokyo. It seemed to have rained all day where I live...this fact shows how far the stadium is from my house. Yeah, you can't call a place that take an hour and a half one way close, no matter how much you exaggerate it.

For some reason, I didn't feel like cheering this year, unlike last year or the year before, even though Keio was "checkmating" the league, if this expression works. It was kinda like the championship game. You know what I mean. Like if we win today, we win the league! kinda. I don't know how to express that precisely. lol Anyway, it was a lame day. I don't understand the reason why I didn't heat up today myself either. Yes, I don't like baseball, the stadium was far, the train ride was tireing, and the weather was humid...but I do cheer with or without these factors.

After the game, some of my classmates and I went to the remainder of "I Rui Thesis Completion Party". What I mean by remainder is that since the plan was brought up to the class yesterday, most of my classmates already had plans for themselves to do after the game. So, 2 of my classmates and I went to this place I found in Nishi-Azabu. No, nothing rich or luxurious...just a "chic" ramen shop I found off the internet, recommended by a lot of "ramen oriented people". lol The place was nice, comfortable, and stylish, even though it was a ramen shop...kinda like (ramen shop+nishi-azabu)/2. You imagine it yourself. lol


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