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Saturday, October 30, 2004


Yes, I was enforced a visit to Jingu Stadium today, just to take attendance. How wasteful!? I mean from the place I live, one way train ride costs me 840yen. Since the game was postponed today, I'm going to have to waste a total of 3360 yen for no reason. No matter how rich your family is, no one actually wastes money for no reason.

My family is not rich, so how could there ever be a reason to waste money, when we could've expected the outcome? Teachers get their transportation fees offerd from the school admininstration, and their jobs should be way more easier than giving classes in school, so it would be delightful for them to hear the news of postponement, but it's a nightmare for us students. Is this the kind of an unlogical thing the most prestegious private educational institute in Japan would do? Use your knowledge, dumbasses. Why do weather forecast exist for God's sake!? To predict and plan stuffs earlier, morons. Gees.

So, the game was called off. 10 of my classmates went back all the way to Shonandai to work on our Culture Festival project, since Monday was overtaken from the new Soukeisen date. Finally, we are beginning to see scarce light for completion. Most of the "hardware" is near completion, so what we must work hard on is the "software". Tuesday should be the date of "hardware" completion, from our prospect. Now, we've got to write the lines and plots we're going to use on the day of the Culture Festival. Good luck to us all! lol


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