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Sunday, November 07, 2004

there went our last bunkasai...

It came and it went. Our final School Festival had ended in a success today. A lot of audiences came and went, just like the way our last "bunkasai" did to us. Most of the 6th grade projects seemed to have done well, like all other years. Visitors tend to be interested in the oldest grade's works, I think. Also, I assume the location did the trick too at least for A, B, and F. My class, F was located right by the entrance, next to the Headquarters. Lucky? us. lol

Well, now with the School Festival gone, my time remaining in SFC High School is really short. Can you believe that we only have 18 more days of class left until our graduation, excluding the 2nd Foreign Language classes? Time flies, doesn't it? From now on until our graduation, time is going to accelerate and accelerate; by the time we notice, we'll be in university.

My mind's currently in a rip tide. Although I have this yearning towards university, another side of me is longing for a longer time in high school. This doesn't mean that I started favoring my school, but high school life has it's good and bad points, just like the university life has it's good and bad points too. I'm currently putting these two lifestyles on a scale...although, my advancement to university is...well, not necessarily "inevitable", but it will most likely turn up in few months. Well, from this fact, I can say that I'll be the best, if I'm able to enjoy the final months of my high school life, beginning from the chemistry report that's due on Wednesday...enjoy? Nah. lol


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