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Saturday, November 06, 2004

school festival day 1

School Festival 2004, day 1. Our class project, "Rokuefu Court" turned out to be a major success! What a relief! I've realized that location is an important factor that decides whether or not that projects suceeds, in terms of audience. There were so many audiences today; too much to say the truth. Our layout was not designed to accept that many spectators. We'll try our best to work on that for tomorrow.

Personally, I was glad that the "Radio" episode worked out well. I was prepareing for the worst, assuming that no one would volunteer to dance in from of the audiences, creating a really, boring case for everyone, but it was brought out well, better than "Hand Connection" episode in my opinion.

Today, I saw the brass band club, "UTOPIA" of 6D, and "Melancholy of the Reaper" of 6B. Tomorrow, I'll try to see the "Upside Down Grimm Tales" of 6C, and "Hamon" of 6A. I just hope I'll be vacant for these projects' showtimes.

Oh yeah, last but not least, I'm really excited about the party! lol

Now...there's this thing I'm really dissatisfied about lately.
I'm not seeing any freshness in my life lately, both for the good ones and the bad ones.
Everything seems readible, and I'm disgusted of myself, living through a life like that.
Of course, it's impossible for me to see what I'll be doing in 10 years, should I express it?

"Well, the results are obvious."

That is the dialogue that pops up in my head for every factor I encounter, and what's more, the result I imagine actually is the result for that matter. No, it's not like I'm abandoning or compromising anything. Yes, it could prove that I've matured mentally, and that is in fact, a good thing to know.
However, I'm would love to encounter surprises, that'll make me go like "OH REALLY?" kinda.
It would be better if I'm able to rejoice from that surprise. My current life lacks those.

Someone please betray me, in a good way. Please....especially...never mind.


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