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Sunday, January 09, 2005


The proficiency test has come and gone inside my mind already, thanks to the research data I found out yesterday. Phew! All I'm going to do now is to get myself the ability to solve last year's math test. Just that.

My heart is kind of moving now, since we're going to have 2 students from Sydney, Australia for a homestay from the 12th. Sure, they're 13 year olds, which means that they're almost 5 years younger than me, but so what. Kids from Western nations are mature in many ways compared to Japanese kids and it's always nice to have an international influence nearby, whether they're young or old. I would dare not have any 13 year old Japanese kid for a homestay whatsoever, though. lol

What I am anticipating the most in this oppurtunity is for me given the chance to not only exercise my English skills, but actually pronouncing the words out. Pronounciation is the toughest element in English to maintain here in Japan, since no one understands you no matter how beautifully you speak in English. You can always read and write in English alone whenever you feel like doing it, but oral communication is scarcely exercised, even in my school. It doesn't mean we're not given the oppurtunities to do so, but most of the students in my class never spoke in English. I've been writing numerous times on this blog, I'm actually visiting the States in February. This is the best! I'm a bit worried about my fingerprints being taken at the customs, but so what. It's worth it, although it's going to be a lot tougher to commit criminal acts within the United States. jk I need that job I've applied for to earn money to spend there...please just inform me whether or not I'm going to be given my chance for an interview.


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