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Friday, January 07, 2005

loss of motivation

Times Square, New York, U.S.
You know what? Belileve it or not I didn't study for the proficiency test at all today! What's more, I'm going to bed in less than 30min. I've realized how meaningless it is for me study these subjects that are going to become obsolete after 1/13, especially if I am able to advance into the faculty of my choice. Of course studying them will definately increase my proficiency test scores, but so what. They are testing your PROFICIENCY, not your preparedness. I'm a foresighter, not a meaningless effort-putter. Now I feel so open and one's really studying anyway, with some expections.

There's this song I really like...nah, I'm not going to talk about that. It's boring. I'm expecting to get a new cell h tomorrow, yay! Also, exchange students from Australia are coming over from the 12th. I wonder how they are...Since I've never experienced anything Australian, besides Savage Garden and Kylie Minogue, this week's going to be pretty interesting. lol

One last thing. I'm really moved by all the help people are giving to the victims of the Sumatra Earthquake and the tsunamis. Governments, cooporations and personals are donating a lot of their private wealth to the nations and people in devastated areas. Yes, I understand that there are a lot of "goals" hidden behind these acts, but even with those conspiracies, it's really heartwarming to see everyone helping out. I've heard that homeless people in Denmark gathered $3500 to donate, from the sympathy they felt toward the victims. This is unbelievable. The total amount of money gather from all sources are record high. I know that money isn't everything with support, but it's really nice...I'm emotional.

But this question arose inside me. I know that donaters get tax rebates in the United States and that is one of the reasons why a lot of people are donating in the States, represented by Sandra Bullock and Bill Gates, but even without that system in place, why have I not heard of any Japanese millionaires or talents donating, when they should have the "dough" to do so? I've heard some cases of wonderful donations when Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake happened, but none from "richies" here also. Strange...
The Strip, Las Vegas, U.S.

Space Needle, Seattle, U.S.


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