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Thursday, October 20, 2005


OH MY GOD, what am I supposed to do?

Again, a not-so-decicive reply, but I must leave the option open. Therefore, off I go to Shibuya tomorrow with no one around. Anyway, I begining to think that the whole idea was killed and forgotten. That's one positive element. At least she remembered and gave me a reply, sort of.

What does that scene I saw in class imply...? No one's ever going to find out the answer to this "question" more specifically than what she intentionally output to her friends, but...oh, stop thinking you asshole. I've had enough hypotheses already on this matter.

My friend mailed me today after we said goodbye to each other, advising me to stay positive. I still cannot trust him fully, but at least, it is a proper advise and is the mental state I should retain in a situation like this. But another question arose from this mysterious conversation we had via mail...he could be a potential rival in this race that I currently am commencing.

DAMN IT...again. This is so dejavu...those bitter memories of July...flashbacks. I'm gonna go shoot myself, haha.


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