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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I could've written here in the past, but let me confirm the fact that I work in a cinema complex that is located in central Yokohama. Work there is quite easy and I had no specific complaint against the working environment know what comes after this. Now I do.

Starting from this month, the executives have began to take this nonsense policy, attempting to increase the theater's profit. This policy basically is a reduction of total work hours reserved for student part timers, but I personally think that this policy is going to give grave consequences to the theater's image.

Sure, everyone understands that a lower wage will increase any businesses' profit but the point I'm trying to make here is that the executives of my theater has gone too far. Now, we lack the minimum amount of people that are necessary to run the section I currently work for. As a result, we are unable to do the jobs that we are assigned to do.

For example, according to the manual, we are supposed to clean and refill the restrooms every half hour, but on Sunday, we didn't have enough "spare time" necessary for us to clean the restrooms. Otherwise, we wouldn't have had enough reserve of employees necessary to complete our more "critical" work, such as cleaning of the theaters. Besides, employees are put into a lot of stress. I mean A LOT.

If things like these, such as dirty restrooms continue on like this, it will ultimately decrease the amount of our customers as a whole which will not only make this policy meaningless, but will significantly reduce the original profit itself. We are not the only ones running movies in the district and the consumer's are given a broad variety to choose from.


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