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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

116 words to memorize

Mr. Griffin is going to give us a vocab quiz tomorrow! The range consists of 116 words, which I am working really hard on to memorize. Those words are...

scrutinized, heresy, subjection, ephemeral, coarse, posterity, demanor, strenuousness, fluctuate, discrepance, deviated, blip, continuum, correlation, factor, aggregate, per, sustain, expenditure, IQ, recorded sighting, rodents, quadruple, rendition, thronged, chirping, chic, decor, amorous, ballpark figure, intimacy, erratic, flawed, -fold, inverse, inconsistent, round things down, err on the side of caution, projected figures, variables, run into six figures, tot everything up, seesawed, rendezvous, conservative, overfulfillment, reeked, ingenious, affliceted, ill-omented, fragment, intermittent, zealous, varicose ulser, annihilate, impregnable, plundered, fatigue, nonchalance, enunciating, venue, pretentious, subterranean, orthodoxy, ramifications, entail, bicker, alcove, rung, vestibule, bluebottle, momentous, doctrine, annihilation, abattoir, orator, hideous, sanguine, acuteness, sapling, apathetic, urbane, queue, snooping, proliferated, malignant, hallucinaition, dulcet, unorthodox, ewe, long johns, definitive, trilby, tentatively, grimy, amulets, dingy, zealot, coy, reverbrating, polyglot, canteen, hemisphere, labyrinth, chasitity, soporific, promiscuity, rostrum, hod, testimony, derelict, ennui, camaraderie, furnace, lucid, bondage...and unprocurable.

Phew. This is the reason why I casted my vote in for a mid-term...this is really tough, right everyone? Oh please. I really stink at memorization, especially vocablulary. Good luck, me...ick!


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