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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

little boy and fat man

As a part of my Japanese history class, I'm going to make a presentation about the atomic bomb first period tomorrow, with 4 others in my group. From this, I've been reseaching about it's origin, history, specifications, power, and so on all day's really making me depressed and is making me think about a lot of things. Those photos...boy they tell us a lot of things. This topic is really heavy for people to accept, and complicated too.

Yes, it's true that the Japanese were the ones who began the war in the first place. Even though not much is told in history classes here in Japan, the Japanese Army did things that were equally terrible and dreadful in Korean Peninsula and in China, like human experiments, abduction, forcing Korean people in to the frontline, and the famous Nanking Incident. The truth of Nanking is impossible to determine, since the identification of the casualties were a difficulty, and the judgement on the people killed on whether they were a military-related people or a civilian is impossible to do now.

Well anyway, with these things in my calculation, it's still difficult to accept the fact that the Americans used the atomic bomb as a way to end the World War II, and as a matter of fact, twice. A normal bomb raid would've did the job, just as well as an atomic bomb, if the Americans really wanted to end the war as soon as possible as an attempt to reduce the American casualties.

The fact that Kyoto was included as one of the most precedent targets is difficult to overlook too. So, I think I can conclude that the American military just wanted to test the effectiveness of the new weapon on people and buildings, which is an impossible thing to do within their nation. They actually droped instruments to measure the power of the bomb, before actually dropping "Little Boy" on to rude. In their minds, they were probably thinking of something like "Those f**ken Japs", which prevented the use of it in Germany...racial discrimination, that led on to Japanese concentration camps in the postwar period. I love the United States as a nation, but this historical event is the only thing I cannot forgive the Americans for doing...oh, wait a minute. Iraqi Invasion could be another thing...


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