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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I was asked to answer some questions for a survey along with few others today from this guy in university, who was also my friend's senior. I arrived at school a bit early for it, then went to this classroom in university campus for an interview.

The survey was done in cooporation with Sony, with "music" as its theme with questions like "How often do you listen to music", or "How important is music to you", or "How long do you listen to them in a day", and so on. I answered all of the questions with my utmost effort. Some of the my friends' answers were really funny. It's not like she was fooling around or anything, but her answers were really pure and straightforward. lol All 4 of us who were there each had a different value on music, which was an interesting fact to find out, since I've always thought that teens are always interested in music, especially here in Japan.

The main conductor of this survey, who is a senior of the university was really cool! He told us that he went to an American high school in Allendale, NJ, which is really near the place I lived in the States, considering the fact that U.S. is a huge country.

A new goal, sort of. lol


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