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Monday, January 24, 2005

news ticker

I believe it was last week, but I saw this news ticker onboard Yokohama Municipal Subway, which caught my attention while I was heading for school. The ticker showed a result from a survey this company conducted on "bunkei" university juniors and "rikei" postgraduates. I don't know how to translate "bunkei" and "rikei" into English, but "rikei" are the type of students who study mathmatical, scientifical sort of stuff and "bunkei" are all the other students.

Anyway, the survey was on this year's corpolate employment popularity ranking. I assume this result should have some significance on me and everyone else of my generation. On the ticker, it said that

"Matsushita Denki Sangyo(Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.) gained top position for the first time among "rikei" boys. Mitsubishi Shoji(Mitsubishi Corp.) kept its top position 3 years straight."

My father works at Matsushita Electric Industial Co. Ltd., so this news flashed me. My family is always aware of news related to my father's company. Anyway, after I saw this ticker, I told my father about the news. At that point, from further research, I knew that Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. gained 5th for "bunkei" boys too. Even though this should be a good news to hear, my father's reactions were quite cool. He said

"Students are choosing companies they want to be employed, just from salaries and/or achievement and aren't aware of the efforts necessary to generate the numbers, that creates an accomplishing company."

These words stroke me. I, as a student, had a same kind of idea my father criticized in his comment. This is reality. When I become a university junior (hopefully) in 3 years, I wish I could be able to choose a company of my choice from a broader perspective, keeping his words in my mind.


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