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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

sleepless in seatle

Yes, one of the part time jobs I applied finally gave me a reply. I'm supposed to get an interview on Saturday. 1000 yen per hour. Not bad, eh? I can finally earn money to spend besides my "otoshidama" in New York. Yippee!

After that mail woke me up this morning, I watched the movies my friend rented from Tsutaya. He made some great choice this time. There was this movie called "Sleepless in Seatle", featuring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan(like "You've Got Mail") that I really wanted to watch, seeing a wrap up or something on TV. I didn't note him about this fact, but he chose it anyway! You're the best, I really enjoyed it.

The movie I saw in my Japanese class, "An Affair to Remember" helped me understand the movie even better. And...that kid, Jonah. He's soooo sweet! lol

I love the movies with Tom Hanks. He was voted the most favorable actor in the States just recently. He's just great! I feel like watching "You've Got Mail" again. Maybe next time. lol


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