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Friday, January 14, 2005

give and take

After a session of "mock" MUN which began from the second period today, I was stranded in school until 6th period with Yuta. 2 hours and 40 minutes of waiting wasteful. So to at least enjoy that meaningless, spare time we got, we watched "The Full Monty" together in the library. It turned out that I've already seen it somewhere, most likely in my school or summer camp in the States. In my former image, cities in U.K. were really green and Victorian, but Sherfield, a city where the movie took place was totally different from my image.

At 14:20, we went to each of our 2nd foreign language class. I'm sorry to say this but it was really boring. I mean it. I would love to learn French, the language, but that class is unbearable.

I came home and Jamie and Callum were home before me. We played together like past two days, only friendlier. Those parody songs they brought on their iPods were hilarious..."Ebay"

That's all, folks...well, not really.

Where's my "santa"? This question arose again today onboard the subway on my way home. The forecasted high for tomorrow is 4C...the gift you promised me can certainly be useful. No, I haven't forgotten about it...why would I forget anything about you? I'm just waiting for my "santa" to deliver my gift or at least notify me if you're going to be late for whatever the reason. It's already the 14th of January, you know.

Actually, a lot of questions similar to the one above came up yesterday night when I was just about to sleep. I was really disappointed and depressed on numerous things, regarding many people. I know it's on this "concern" I always have with me, but it really got me last night. To say the truth, I was really close to this fact worth mentioning here? Well, no one reads this crap anyway.

The keyword is "GIVE AND TAKE". It's my policy. Not the meaning in dictionaries, which means something like "certain compromises are necessary sometimes", but the meaning composed from the words themselves; "GIVE" and "TAKE". When this balance breaks down, when you are devoting yourself to "care" someone else, but you can't feel it coming back...I get EXTREMELY disappointed and even furious at times.

There should be a certain amount of "care" I am given the right to expect from a person or people in certain circumstances. It's not at all demanding, but some care and thoughtfulness would make me REALLY HAPPY, DELIGHTED AND JOYFUL, which is something indescribable by word. That fulfillment would be much larger, if that person is in a more special "position", seen from my perspective...

I'm a bit relieved now, but at a fundamental level, I never will....


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