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Thursday, January 27, 2005


The possibility that came up in my mind last week realized after all!

I was really happy today, thanks to my friends' surprise birthday party. I wonder why, but an idea of a surprise birthday party did come up in my mind around last week, though this idea went through and out of my head without much consideration, since as I've written few days ago, I didn't want this expectation to be my imagination again, which is something I've experienced number of times during past few months, with bad disappointment as a result.

The call on Monday turned out to be a "trap" to bring me to the party. Along with 6 others that came to celebrate me, I enjoyed having a nice meal with everyone, chatting. After lunch, we went bowling. Luckily, birthday person was given discount from the play fee and free shoes rental. My party was also given free shoes rental too. I did terrible scorewise, but so what? We all had fun, watching everyone play with his/her own, "personal" styles. lol

We moved on to table tennis after bowling 2 games. We made a pair of guy/girl and played against each pair. I did better here! lol Then, we all walked back to the station, went into Tully's Coffee and chatted about a lot of stuff for 2 hours there, on a cup of coffee. We dismissed at 18:30 at the station.

I don't really know who actually came up with the idea, but whoever it is, I'm really thankful for a wonderful day I was able to spend today! Thank you, everyone! Thanks A LOT! :)


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