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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Without notice, I was added on to the list of members who were called to visit Disneyland 3 days before the examination week. Basically, I am a type of a guy who is unable to reject offers like these, so with a lot of hesitation, I ended up in Maihama Station at around 5PM today.

It turned out that 4 years had passed ever since I visited Disneyland last time and there were some new attractions there that sparked interest within me. Buzz Light Year's shooting thing was quite interesting, but it scarcely met up with my expectations.

Anyway, my friends and I went there in a group of 7. I was supposed to be in a land of dreams, nevertheless, I ended up seeing a lot more reality or the state I am currently situated in. A year had passed already and I'm beginning to a lot more "career making" friends while I'm stranded here, all alone. Facing this harsh reality, that question whirls inside my mind again.

Am I...? If so, that is so sad. I just hope this feeling of envy against him doesn't turn into has the potentiality to turn this crappy life even crappier. Sigh.


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