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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Today was one of the most important days of my life. Exaggerated, but it really was important. I was able to pass the document examination of the summer school program to Cambridge last week and today was its second examination: the interview.

I left my house with enough time to spare but the traffic...I was aware of the fact that roads in Zushi are clogged up on weekends from all the motorist tourists heading for Kamakura. I definitely have taken my bike, but I was stupid enough to take the bus even with today's moderate weather. Traffic jam made me miss the train I was planning on taking and it really really pissed me off and my heart was full of anxiety.

With my luck that had given me all the classes I wanted this year, I was able to get myself through this crisis and got to Mita right on time. There, in the waiting room, I saw numerous people with their shiny suits on which really made my nervous prior to the interview itself.

Luckily, the interview itself wasn't that bad. The professors who were in charge of my batch of students weren't that mean. They asked us a total of 3 questions in both English and Japanese and I think I answered them well enough to gain the eligibility for this program. Although I am still not certain if we all are going to gain the opportunity to join the program, but all the students who took the interview together seemed nice too.

They are going to give us the results on the 28th. Until then, I will spend some nervous days...


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