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Sunday, April 02, 2006

a week

A rough week, mostly consisting of work had finally ended with today's shift. I hope I'm getting used to all the exceptional procedures and stuff that are complicating my work greatly, like "you have to do this when this happens" or "you must make a copy for these types of ordering forms" or "you change the delivery date on Sundays" and so on.

My 70 hour training period ended yesterday, so I guess I'm somewhat on my own now. Last month, my hourly wage was 900 yen. From April, it will rise to 1100 yen. This is a great deal really, since waiters and waitresses only get about 900 yen on average. But this will get me a lot closer to income tax which applies to people with income of 1,030,000 yen or more. I'm earning at that pace this year or this fiscal year at least. No, I don't want to pay any tax, so I guess I'll make this my little secret. lol

Besides, I'm not going to earn a million yen anyway.

A brand new topic. My memory's a bit blurry because I hadn't actually experienced it, but I think it was yesterday. My mom had a guest over from New Jersey; a quilt teacher who she learned a lot of her techniques off from. She's Japanese, but is married to an American and is pretty much naturalized there. As you know, while I was at work typing stuff in, they seemed to have had a decent, fulfilling conversations here and there about various topics regarding Japan and the United States.

My mom told me a lot of what she said about the United States and her concerns over a lot of problems American society is facing today. What she seemed to have said sparked my interest. When my mom told her about my ambitions toward the future that I have stated here a couple of times, related to financial firms and stuff, she confidently recommended me to enter into a Japanese corporation instead of its American counterpart.

According to her, even though her daughters have gone to Harvard and Stanford respectively, they are having tough times in American society and that's the reality foreigners face. This advice has made me think a lot of the direction I should be heading toward to. I'm going to be a sophomore this year and minor directional changes can and probably will affect my future greatly.

Above that, I will officially become an adult in about 10 months. In this unreadable world, what sort of actions will bring me a lot of good for me in the future? Law school's an option since I am majoring law in college, but whatever I become in the future, my fundamental goal is to get out of this country, this society I can never feel I can get adjusted to.

It could be this orientation or yearning toward Western societies I have at the foundation of my character but still, I would definitely want to work internationally and bring myself out of here by finding my way through whatever job I get and a temporal conclusion I reached was to head myself toward financial related posts.

I have no clue whatsoever though...but I guess I'll start things out with another round of TOEIC.


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