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Thursday, March 23, 2006

work again

Basically, I am type of a guy who will compromise my income for less work hours to create some spare time for my own good. Unfortunately, I don't really have the choice but to work this month. I never expected myself to be thrown into a shift of mainstream workers at my new job which fortunately or unfortunately, depending on my perspective, happened.

Yes, with a relatively expensive hourly wage, this reality would accelerate the process of debt paying, nevertheless, these continuous hours I'm spending in Minatomirai, working my ass killing me both physically and mentally.

Actually, I worked at the movie theater today since I've left Tuesdays and Thursdays day out of my schedule I handed in to my new office during my interview last month. Here too, my manager gave me 3 additional hours onto my shift. It was a bit refreshing though to be in a different environment though.

Now, I have another dilemma I must overcome in April. Since all the seniors left this month, my section at the movie theater is filled with newcomers. As a veteran (sort of), I have no choice but to induct all the know-hows to these newbies before I make my selection or else, the whole theater will be in chaotic condition with everyone, not knowing what to do whatsoever.

What kind of responsibility have I gotten myself into...I can always leave with a two weeks notice though. That is one of the rights I have as a student worker. Cruel, ain't it? lol


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