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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

middle school

After my day in Machida, I left my grandparents' early in the morning, putting myself in the morning rush of commuters from Machida to my office in Minatomirai. I was lucky since I was able to find myself a train that departed from Machida station and also was able to secure myself a seat.

What I did for work today didn't differ much from what I did on Saturday. Continuous inputting of ordering forms that came via FAX. I left my office at around 17:30 and headed for Kita Gate of Yokohama station for a meeting I had planned out with my friends from middle school. As I expected, they all became a bit late, but it was all integrated into my calculation. lol

Due to my friend's request, I reserved an "okonomiyaki" pancake house that was not too far from the Kita Gate of Yokohama station. A 2 hour, "eat and drink as much as you like" course satisfied our appetite well and we had a lot of fun actually making the pancakes in a mood that was basically the same as those of the ones we were in when we were in middle school.

After dinner, we went to an amusement complex located in Yokohama called ROUND1 and there, we sang for 2 hours, played some medal games for 30 minutes. And by the time we got back to Yokohama station, we only had a single train that went back to Zushi.

Logically thinking, we four don't have anything in common, other than the fact that we were in the same class the second year. We never were in the same club and none of us live close. Further more, we are all in different universities now. But this relationship I was able to construct in that short span of time I went to a local school in Zushi is one of my friendships I think I'll be able to treasure.

Our next meeting is planned in June. Until then.


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