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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

white day

Here in Japan, we have this weird custom called the "White Day." I've heard that there's an even weirder custom in Korea, called the "Black Day".

Anyway, today, March 14th was that day. The basic principle is this. In Japan, Valentine's Day is a day where women must give chocolate to men to show her appreciation, whether she like it or not. Besides that, girls give a special gift to her love which kind of resembles Valentine's Day in Western culture.

Like the "chocolate" custom that is unique here in Japan, White Day is a day that was strategically made by chocolate companies to increase their sales again in March. In contrast, on White Day, guys give something special back to girl (or girls) in return of whatever he received on Valentine's Day.

Although White Day is widely recognized by most Japanese, especially in younger generations, I don't think it's practiced that broadly though. I had to work again today at my movie theater and I noticed that there were a lot more customers there than usual weekdays. When I went near the box office, I recognized that there were a lot of couples there, waiting in line to get their tickets.

The fact that I had forgotten all about the White Day until that moment gave me the chills about my lack of interest and indifference about intersexual relationship...obviously, this is not the way a college student be.

There is no conclusion to this post, but this reality made me sad, sort of. I wouldn't want to give anything too expensive, even if I am in a relationship though. lol


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