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Thursday, February 02, 2006


You know how there are some things that are better left off unknown? "Ignorance is bliss" is the perfect expression to precisely describe what I am trying to say here.

My examination period had finally come to an end yesterday (technically, the day before yesterday) with the completion of my crime law exam. Since my friends and I had been discussing plans for a drinking party to celebrate the end of our academic year for a while now, I mailed all of my classmates in order to invite them over. Of course, my close friends and I had been drinking almost every week together, but we decided to call everyone over this time because of the characteristic of the occasion.

First of all, I was disappointed about the fact that some people didn't send me an RSVP. I didn't specifically write that a reply was obligatory, but I think it would've been polite if people at least told me whether or not he/she is coming. What's more, 2 people suddenly cancelled their appearance last night. One of them gave me a contact with an adequate amount of time left for cancellation, but the other just disappeared into nowhere. He never took the calls we made nor answered to those calls afterward for an apology or something. How rude can he be for God's sake.

Well, even though the first one gave me a contact and an apology before the party commenced, according to his blog, he seemed to have had a great time at a karaoke bar or something. God, what is wrong with these people...don't they understand how awkward their actions are? I'm not going to name who here, but I had been place in the same kind of position last autumn regarding "you know who" numerous times and it's becoming more and more unbearable. These people...then can't keep the more basic thing in human relationship. Promise keeping.


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