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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Yesterday, I went around Daikanyama/Shibuya area with few of my friends. With my friend whom I planned this day out together, we decided to keep this close and secret to meet my other friend's request. Besides, the main purpose was kind of like a private celebration.

Anyway, we got off at Daikanyama station to start things out with and went to this cafe, walking here and there, following our instincts. The cafe we had our lunch in was quite fashionable and food there was great too. 2 hours we spent there passed by rather quickly which we spent talking casually about a lot of different stuff. At around 3pm, we walked to Shibuya and there, we did stuff that came off top of our minds until the place we were planning on going in for dinner opened.

Following the opening hour, we went in this bar I've just mentioned that was filled with buddhas and ordered a lot of menus and cocktails that had peculiar namings. Despite the weird naming, food there was tasteful and did satisfy our appetites.

Afterwards, we threw darts in this entertainment complex we often use and played a game each of count-up, cricket and 301. I guess that's I did have a lot of fun though and I hope the other two did too!

Let's have another round, whenever we have the opportunity, sometime, in the near future.


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