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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

here i go

I booked my flight bound for New York today. Out of pure coincidence, my itinerary completely matched my itinerary last year with the exceptions of airlines and year of course. Thanks to my friends in the States, I was given another opportunity to visit them in New Jersey this year.

Even though I may seem quite American compared to others, believe it or not, 6 and a half years have passed already ever since I came back to Japan. Nevertheless, we are able to confirm our friendship and because of their courtesy, I was able to spend a wonderful week in Livingston and I will again, this year. I just hope I can at least add a bit more pleasure and excitement to their days off from school.

With my snowboarding trip, February will be filled with fun, excitement and expenditure. lol Even though these trips will cost me a lot of money, there's no other time in your life besides your college years that you have as much money you can spend freely on. Additionally, you have enough spare time that allows you to visit wherever you like, as far as that trip is financially realizable.

Sure, studying is another option you can choose as a consumption mehtod of your spare time and I totally understand the fact that what you study now will bore fruit in your future, one way or the other. Yet, I can't even bear to think of spending a life that's mainly composed of studying at this stage in life when there are countless opportunities, chances, selections and choices. Redundant, but you understand what I'm trying to point out here, right?

Of course, studying could be the choice for some people, but you can study whenever you like in your life. Instead, you can travel all around the globe. You can practice your favorite instrument 24/7. You can try doing stuff that only lied within your imagination. You should do stuff that you can only do while you are in school.

This is my personal opinion and there's no right or wrong to this fundamental question, but I would like to express my thought here on cyberspace for the time being. What do you think? lol


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