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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Today, I visited Machida in suburban Tokyo for some shopping that was necessary for the upcoming academic year which begins from April. We all woke up a bit earlier than usual, hopped on to our car and had an hour-long drive there. After shopping, we stayed at my grandparents' which is also located in suburban area of the city.

From stationery to clothing, there's nothing you can't find in that city of 400,000. It is one of the largest commercial centers in the district and there always seems to be something new and different about it. Since my grandparents visit us more often than my family going over, we don't really go there frequently, but still, the rate of change that is seen in that town is amazing.

At my grandparents', we had a big dinner. My grandfather kept on serving me all sorts of alcohol which got me significantly drunk. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, eating and drinking with a lot of conversations. I got to bed pretty early, since I had work and my office is farther away from Machida than from Zushi.

That about it.


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