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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

workin' hard

Today was nothing but work, just like many of the days consisting my spring break. I worked in my new job like always, inputting ordering forms as fast as I can. Unfortunately, despite my shallow experience, I ended up having all these form with complicated procedures and was given a lot of advice regarding some unconventional steps that had to be taken to properly input those types of forms.

During the lunch break, when I was walking around Landmark Plaza located nearby my office, I saw a pianist playing numerous Chopin songs on the piano. Her performance was fascinating and she played a lot of famous songs, such as Etude No. 10 and that song featured in the movie "The Pianist".

Afterwards, I inputted more and more ordering sheets into the computer and I ended up with 13 in total. A new record. However, there's a lot more I must learn like the procedures I was talking about before. I am really fast at typing consider in my experience, but some things have to be learned, in order to make the whole process faster.

Anyway, this job is a great computer repeller. I feel sick of typing after all that inputting I had to do during work. It would be great for computer addicts, who just can't get their hands off their keyboards. I wouldn't have written this post if it wasn't for my English skills.

Tomorrow is another work day, back at the movie theater. It could be a bit difficult for me to catch up, though. Who knows.


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