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Saturday, March 25, 2006


You know what I did today: work. There also were some differences though when today's compared with the rest of the days of this week. When I came home, my grandfather was there.

Ever since my father's aunt or my grandfather's sister died, we had been doing all these stuff that are considered necessary when someone passes away. Now, with all the ceremonial things done, we have to work on her will and inheritance. The only reason why my dad is frequently coming home when his office is in Osaka is because of this.

My grandaunt had no kids and since she passed away suddenly, my grandfather, her only family is taking charge of all these stuff. But he's 87 and that's the reason why my dad is deeply involved in these matters.

Besides that, as a tradition, my grandfather bought all these tasty cuisine from the underground food market in Yokohama Sogo, making our dinner a lot more gorgeous that normal. With sake, sushi and all the stuff my grandfather brought along with him, we had a huge dinner that practically covered our dining table fully. I have been eating way too well and way too much lately. I'd better get myself shaped up. Seriously. lol


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