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Thursday, April 06, 2006

another day

Like my usual days off, I didn't accomplish much today. I watched FRIENDS and had plenty of sleep like always. The fact that I played this SNES game I used to like on my PC (Final Fantasy III) was the only part that was a bit peciliar about today. Legally, it's okay to play ROMs on emulators as long as you have the original cartridge for that ROM. And in this case, although the language's different, I do own a copy of the game, so I interpreted it that way.

Anyway, I'm beginning to think seriously about my future and my present seriously, possibly because of my age and I'm starting to think how a decent childhood can weaken one's will to work harder or accomplish things. In my mind, I have this image attributed toward successful leaders tending to have poor or "not-so-fulfilling" childhoods.

While it's true that I am attending one of the most prestigious universities here which will positivtely give me tremendous advantage in a solely meritocratic society of Japan, it's also true that I had a decent and sort of wealthy life as a child and was probably a bit spoiled living abroad and stuff. I'm not saying my family's rich or anything, because they aren't. But for some reason, I think I have relatively low will toward improvement or enrichment of my life, since I am pretty much satisfied with my life right now, supply-wise.

In other words, I guess I'm totally lost in this world of rapid movements. Yes, I do have a vague vision of my future self as I've written here a couple of times before, but my will isn't that strong. What sort of actions will make my fulfillment last the longest?? Same sort of question again, right?? Somebody give my an answer and I will stop asking. lol

Nobody's got the answer though...I wish I had a time machine or something.


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