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Thursday, May 11, 2006


I can't believe the degree of acceleration I am seeing with "time". Year after year, the sense of agility I feel toward time is growing...time really flies and there's no doubt about it.

Basically, I categorize my in three. My preschool life in Japan before 6, my life in the States and my life after my return to Japan. Some precise details regarding my preschool life are lost, but one thing I can say for sure is how time flowed much slower than today. Same thing can be said with my life in the States. Seven years are about to pass after I moved back to Japan, which technically, is about the same span of time as my life in the States, but time went by A LOT more slower then than now. Of course, New Jersey's natural, quiet environment could be one of the causes for this phenomenon, but even with it, seven, dramatic years in Japan were instantaneous.

On my way to the airport, my friend's dad explained me why this sort of acceleration is present with his own interpretation. He told me while a year only accounts for 1/20 of a 19 year old's life, it accounts for 1/2 of a 1 year old's life and gradual decrease of this ratio is the root cause of that sense. I was really persuaded by this explanation and that's probably the reason why I am able to recall it right now. The amount of stuff I do now is incomparable with the amount of stuff I used to do when I was 10 and that's probably an additional factor which contributes to this feeling.

I have A LOT of stuff I must accomplish and my To Do list is growing every second. My hectic life made me rethink the reasons why I'm rushing all the time for everything. Anyway, why is everyone around me all blue and gloomy lately? 21st century was supposed to bring us unprecedented prosperity...but the reality is this.

Why can't everyone be happy with all the scientific achievement our ancestors have brought us? Cell phones allow us to communicate whenever we want, wherever we are. Nonetheless, we are having a lot of difficulty understanding each other. Everyone's suffering from their internal ethical problem to be sure.

I believe human minds are not evolving fast enough to catch up with technological accomplishments. Since the Industrial Revolution, science bloomed, enriching out lives. On the other hand, humans haven't evolve that much biologically which as a result, created a gap. Without the proper ethics, we can't exercise our technologies as efficiently as we should. That's where all of our present day problems lay.

I have no idea why I blabbered on like this today...I guess I'm all blue and depressed as well.


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