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Friday, November 19, 2004

another lame day in school

Nothing to say...really. Hey, isn't it beginning to get chilly lately? Like many people, I start wearing coat around this time of the year. My "coat line" is 15 degrees celcius. What I mean by this is that when the maximum temperature of the day is 15 C or lower, I wear a coat. Yesterday was the first of those days. Today, I wore it again, because I thought it was going to be cold after the classes end. Bingo.

Oh, why are rainfalls in
winter especially annoying? Temperature is definately lower with snowfalls, but for some reason, I feel really nice with snowfalls. How about you? It doesn't snow often in Kanto region though, especially the place I live, which is on the southern tip of Kanagawa Prefecture. I miss the bilizzards I've had when I used to live in New Jersey. Christmas season in New York City was cold, but was beautiful...from Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree to the mood the whole city had.

Although NYC had these nice moods, the place I lived in the States was a Jewish community, with
70% of the population being Jewish. Jewish people celebrate Khanukah, so Christmas Tree and Illumination were a rare sighting in my town. I saw a lot of those candlestands though, whatever they're called. lol

It may seem like I'm praising the Christmas...excuse me, the holiday season in North-Eastern United States, but the illuminations in Tokyo are great too, like Roppingi Hills, my favorite. That's why I've been posting the photos of it ever since they began lighting their illuminations on the 4th. Oh yeah, I would love to see the Tokyo Millenario in Marunouchi completely, since I was unable to go through the whole thing last year...revenge! Millenario, here I come! lol

p.s. For your information, Tokyo Millenario shuts down at 9 p.m.


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