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Monday, November 15, 2004


Hello everyone. lol I've rented 7 movies this week to enjoy life before the deadly finals arrive. Technically, not 7, because my mom was the one who borrowed 5 out of those 7 movies, and I'm seeing it some of them along with her. The movies I have seen or am planning to see are "Grease", "The Good Girl", "The Pianist", "A Beautiful Mind" and "Cruel Intentions 2".

I watched "The Good Girl" and "Grease" today. "The Good Girl" starrs Jennifer Aniston, a.k.a. Rachel Greene of "FRIENDS". The movie is a love story, but was kind of gloomy and dark. On the other hand, "Grease", as many of you may know was really merrily and joyful, which really made me nice and bright. When I see these classic movies, I'm always astonished by the standard of the living the Americans had 30 years doesn't differ much from the one they're having today! I'm not saying that they haven't advanced. I'm amazed about how advanced they were and still are today.

Oh yeah. "FRIENDS" Season 8 DVDs, "ROSWELL" Season 1 DVDs, and Star Wars Trilogy DVDs are supposed to arrive somewhere between November 23rd - December 7th...which means that there's possibility of me getting my hands on them right before the finals. Oh no...they could be really irresistable. My mental strength could be tested by them...darn. lol

Last thing. I love "Last Christmas", the drama. lol


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