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Sunday, November 14, 2004

secondary exam

Today the secondary exam of the STEP test, a.k.a. "eiken". Because of its schedule, my Sunday was could they set the time at 2pm? I mean 2pm! Smack in the middle. From this, I was unable to have a descent Sunday this week. Damn them.

The test site was Seiko Gakuin; a boy's junior-senior high school, located near Yamate station. During my standby, I was checking out the school map posted on their hallway. I was surprised about how fulfilling their facilities were, compared to my school, with an expection of ladie's room. lol They had a whole bunch of rooms, science labs, club rooms, table tennis rooms, libraries, halls, and bible research rooms! 6 of them to be exact, since it's a Christian school. The best part, I thought was that the school was only a 10 minute walk from the need for that stupid bus that we throw our fortunes to, just to take that overcrowded bus. Enough said.

Back to my exam. I'm not quite sure whether I did well on it or not, since I don't know what points they judge me on. I did try my best on pronounciation...wait, that was the only thing I could've done. The topic was easy, but it was tough thinking up of a 2 minute long speech from it, in a minute. All I can do know is pray, and wait for their evaluation, that is supposed to be sent by December 8th. If I fail this, I'm going to have to search for the 2nd Grade certificate, which I believe I've received 7-8 years ago or something. That's it for now. Ciao.


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