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Saturday, November 13, 2004

english annoucement

Every Saturday morning, I encounter this green and orange train, different from the blue train I usually take, that goes to Utsunomiya in Tochigi Prefecture, called the Shonan-Shinjuku line. I don't remember when, but recently, they started pre-recorded annoucement system, that informs the people on what stop it's going to make, what other lines you can transfer at that station, precautions, etc., which are usually done manually by the conductor.

Upon this change, they began a broadcast in English. The person who recorded her voice is really skippy for some reason, and the annoucement itself has some weird points I've noticed. First, the annoucement says "Thank you very much for using JR East...", which I though was weird, not grammatically, but do you say "Thank you very much" and continue on like that? Isn't "Thank you very much" a solitary phrase, only used by itself? Also, during it's explanatory annoucement, they say "This is the Shonan-Shinjuku line for Utsunomiya, via THE Utsunomiya Line". Is "THE" necessary in this case? It's not like I'm perfect at English, but these two "could-be" errors are really bothering, like weird English expressions I encounter elsewhere in

Different topic. Recently, I'm unable to sleep deeply...technically, have a Non-REM sleep. From what I've read somewhere, REM sleeps is the one that makes a person dream with your eyes moving rapidly. The abbreviation "REM" stands for Rapid Eye Movement, and in this state, that person's brain is not completely sleeping. Non-REM sleep is the opposite. Usually, there's a wave of REM and Non-REM sleeps while someone sleeps, but I don't think I have one lately, always in REM sleep. That's probably the reason way I'm so sleepy during classes this week. Along with the constant drowsyness I'm having this week, I'm experiencing all sorts of "WEIRD" dreams...they are sooooo weird! The characters appearing in it are real life ones, you know, family, friends, etc...but the enviroments and the events that occur in it are really weird but to be honest, all of those events are somewhat realizable in real life. They are kind of pleasant, but weird...they're creeping me out!

I really need a nice, dreamless Non-REM sleep.


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