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Friday, November 12, 2004

second first impression

Yes! I'm released from hell! This week was really busy for me, with a lot of assignment due dates. Oh wait, I may have written about it already. Pass. lol

Anyway, Mr. Griffin's vocabulary test. I think I did pretty well, although I wasn't able to make a sentence up for the word "demeanor", since I forgot what it meant. It just...slipped out of my mind. I did listed it up in my "warning list", the words I had trouble memorizing, and put my effort in to do so...but "demanor" just failed to be crammed in. Bummer. lol

For the other parts, I think I did good enough...I may have missed a few that had the "strike print" as their origin. Well, nothing's going to change no matter how much I blabber on here. I guess I just have to wait till Monday, our next class. My goal is...95%! Why? No particular reason, really. lol Pleez be generous, Mr. Griffin! lol

Oh, there's this album that was released on the 8th in the States by my favorite artist, Daniel Bedingfield, which is titled "Second First Impression". His songs in his previous album really stroke my heart then. I wonder how the new songs will affect me...the title is ingenious too.


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