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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

draft resolutions

As I've written yesterday, although I had a nice day off from school today, thanks to Labor Thanksgiving Day, which coincidentially is in November close to American Thanksgiving, I haven't done any studying, that'll directly affect my "performance" in the upcoming finals. Ha-ha. This lack of motivation is really getting scary. What are the ways I can increase it...hmm.

Instead, I was interpreting a lot of draft resolutions sent over the MSN today. IT is wonderful, isn't it? We can do school group projects at home! I've read the draft resolutions of 2 countries and a basic ideas of additional 2. For some reason, the country I'm representing, Japan is having a lot of requests for sponsorship. Or are all countries receiving just as many requests? I'm not sure, but we've sponsored/given request from Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States. We've accepted all of them, since we couldn't think up of any reasons to reject their requests.

In my opinion, this year's MUN is too peaceful...most of the countries listed up are "developed" nations and only notable nations in the MUN regarding security issues are Israel and some Arabic nations. We don't have a delegation for China, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, East Timor, Sudan know, from regions with disputes. I'm beginning to wonder how are we ever going to be able to choose the draft resolutions and what are we going to talk about in the
actual session of MUN.

Another thought. It's impossible to do a group activity, dividing work equally. A situation where someone has to sacrifice his/her time to do more work than other, all work at worst in unavoidable. I'm used to this way of thinking, since I've always been that "someone", who is given a lot of responsibility and work to finish and to lead the group for success. This fact used to be tough top accept though. When people are placed in a situation like this, he/she would definately think like...

"Why do I have to do all the work, when other members of the group are going to receive the same grades?"

This used to be my way of thinking but now, it has changed. Thinking grade-wise, of course it's unfair , since the uninterested part of the group may possibly get a same evaluation, when there's a big gap in effort he/she puts in. Not all things can be measured with grades though. By taking leadership in these group activities, I believe we are able to gain a lot of things, which defininately would be useful socially, but are indescribable with words. Now, I'm accepting this fact I gained from experience: I'm not thinking like the way I wrote few lines prior now.

Different topic. I had a weird sighting today, when I went to a supermarket nearby. Grandpa, had a leash on his granddaughter's bicycle, as if it was a dog or something. Funny, isn't it?

Last, but not least. I passed level 1 eiken! :)


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