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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I just resetuped my PC! But it got infected with a computer virus today, and kaboom! There it went nuts and somehow I was unable to connect to the internet, no matter how much I altered the settings. So...I'm currently re-resetupping my PC. Goddam it!

I went to the Bank of Japan and Tokyo Stock Exchange today for social sightseeing. It was kinda cool and interesting, especially that place in Tokyo Stock Exchange that shows up often on news's economic section(TSE Arrows?). It was very stylish with all the quotes spinning around on the top. But they didn't show us much though. I guess most of their operations are confidential or something. Well, if those fellows at Bank of Japan are working so hard for us, why was the Japanese economy experiencing one of it's worst depression for the past 10 years, and still is experiencing deflation? but from the video they showed us, they saying something like they were the guardian of economy or something...I'm an amateur with economy and things probably are much more complicated then that, but why don't we just increase the amount of currency in the market, so we can get out of deflation spiral? My hypothethis. lol


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