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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

return "home"

TOEFL. Yeah, I think I did pretty well...but I can't believe I didn't notice "a eagle" being the correct selection in the section where we had to choose an underlined section that was incorrect. Now, my dream of getting a 667 for my score had shattered. jk

I may be able to visit the place shown in the photo during the long break we have off school; yes, New York/New Jersey. My family has this extra mileage that must be consumed by end of this year or something, so I could just visit them since schools there have Mid-Winter Recess in February. It's like a second home to me...the trip's not really gorgeous or anything, but I would love to see my friends, go shopping and maybe watch musicals or something. The plan is still in the works, but I'd probably call up my friends around Christmas or write them a card to set things up, so the plan would become a reality. A second trip should get rid of my boredom I was prepareing to's REALLY cold there this time of the year though. Oh, but I'd love to see snow! lol


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