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Sunday, December 05, 2004


It was insanely warm and windy in Kanto Region today. Storm system that weakened from a typhoon swept through Kanto region, bringing in warm, south-west wind into the system.

- Record high of December in Tokyo was renewed, with someplaces such as Kumagaya and Hachioji recording 26C, which is called a "summer day" in Japan.
40.2m/s, strongest wind ever to be recorded in Tokyo was observed, even though the system wasn't a typhoon. It's equivalent to 144.72km/h.

These two "record breakers" happened in December. From the ancient times, Japanese used to be fond of and proud of the beautiful seasons that came and went every year, as we can see from uncountable haikus written by numerous people. But now this seasonal feeling we used to feel is quickly diminishing. We are unable to sense the change in seasons, which was like the only thing we could be proud of in this country and was the main source of good "heartedness" us Japanese used to have. Maybe this rapid change in our climate is the main source of the social breakdown our society is experiencing, other than slow economic growth and high unemployment rate of the 1990s after our bubble economy...


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