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Sunday, November 28, 2004

differential and integral

Nothing to say, nothing to write. I didn't accomplish much today. I'm stumped with some of the integral problems in Math III. That was expectable.

No blame to the teacher, but we haven't been told the ways to solve the problems written in the textbook
directly. From that, I am going through an endless hour of figuring, based on the sample problems. Even with that attempt, I'm still stumped. Damn math. What an useless subject, at least for me. After all, I'm 99% sure that I'll never encounter math above elementary school level, after the exit test. lol

On the other hand, I'm almost done with Chemistry, understanding by making notes from the text and stuff. My goal is to get rid of Oral English within today. Good luck me.

I had another one of those weird dreams I've been seeing
frequently lately again, last night. It was sooooooooooo REAL: it took place in our classroom with all the familiar faces from my school, although members of my class differed from real life. The images of it are remaining vividly in my mind. The whole sequence took place underneath the TV on the righthand side of the room and the actions in it consisted mostly of conversations. If the main event of this dream happened in real life, it would really disappoint me and shatter me to pieces.

I'm not going to write about the actual events that took place in my dream. It's way too sad and incomprehensible...


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