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Monday, November 29, 2004


It was an unfortunate day for me today, despite the "luck forecast" or the horoscope thing I spotted when I was just about to leave on Fuji-TV this morning, which said that Aquarius people were going to be the luckiest today.

Because of the railroad crossing, the bus I usually take to Zushi station took 20 minutes, instead of usual 10. When I arrived at the station, the train was accelarating from the platform, which stranded me for 6 minutes until the next train. Altogether, it took me an hour and a half
to get to school, which was about 20 minutes longer than usual.

Actually, the whole bad luck thing began when I was just about to leave this morning. I was unable to find my keychain that has all of my keys bundled together; 2 of my house keys, a locker key, a desk key and a bike key.

Fortunately, I was given a call from Mr. Kosegawa about an hour and a half ago and he told me that it was found in the AVC room today. I wonder why I left it there...well, I guess this evens out the luck-o-meter for the day. Thank God! lol

Conguratulations, Julia Roberts!


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