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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

xmas present

Yesterday, my mother asked me for my request of her christmas present. I'm not really sure how many more of these "christmas presents" I'm going to be able to get in the future from my parents, since I'm gradually becoming an adult and according to my mother's way of thinking, only children deserve them.

Normally, I would probably be able to answer it straight at the speed of light, but this year, not just because my family is experiencing one of the worst economic depressions in years, I was not able to give an answer to that question in an instant. Of course, I always want money in great quantity, not just to buy things, but also for...relief. However, in my family tradition, asking for money for a present, especially on Christmas is a taboo.

All the things I want now are really expensive...for instance, a new computer, which is way too overpriced to ask for a Christmas present. A watch? I'm not really in a need for it and the model I really want costs...a lot. A new cell handset? Reasonable, but it's not the kind of thing to ask on Christmas. A new iPod? My old one is still working and I still am able to add on at least 500 more songs with the current capacity. Besides, I'm a proud owner of the "older model", not like all of you whom bought it after the trend came. Ha! lol Fashion items, like last year? Yeah, most practical, but they could be difficult to get from my father, because he's kinda against me being "over fashionable" for my age in his way of thinking. A black woolen scarf? I wanted it, but the weather's too warm and the necessity is going down, day after day.

Even though I really don't have things I want that much now, Christmas is like one of the biggest chances throughout the year to get expensive stuff! I'd better find something soon...or maybe I should just ask them for money...I'm sure that I'll gain more if I ask for the actual product though. Any opinions? Please e-mail me

Oh, my mother proposed me a trip to Europe next summer! Proposed destinations are the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. Yippeee!!!! lol


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