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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

takeshima dokdo

Ever since the current president's inauguration, Korean administration's nationalistic propaganda is really getting out of control, as shown by their radical overreaction to EEZ dispute last week. As a member of a newer generation that has never experienced WWII, I must say I am quite fed up by their contradicting claims.

I must also admit that it's most probable that countless brutal acts were conducted on Korean Peninsula during the Japanese colonization era and that is something we must embrace as a Japanese. But no matter how awful our acts were then, their use of history, which is something no one really understands for sure, as a diplomatic weapon must have its limit. They are blaming Japanese colonization for all of today's problem and that is an unacceptable behavior.

All of the documentations that exists regarding Takeshima/Dokdo is really vague and no one can make a clear interpretation of where administrative power should be. Potsdam Declaration, American Occupation Forces, Japan-Korea Normalization Talks...this dispute is clearly a result of irresponsible generations of the past. Nevertheless, you can never occupy one country's territory by declaring sovereignty over an island that had no clear nationality.

As a member of United Nations, why wouldn't the Koreans accept juridification by the International Court of Justice in a way the Japanese Government is proposing since 1956? Within their hearts, they probably understand how illegal their actions are. If worse comes to worst, we can always use a handy tool which we call "hydrogen bomb" to blow up those potentially useless islands to get rid of this problem from its root.

Either way, both the Japanese and the Korean governments must be faithful in this problem which has a complicated problem behind it. Currently, I believe that the Koreans are the ones who are lacking faith in this problem and this perspective doesn't derive from my nationality, but as a person. I wish this problem could be settled with peaceful means in the near future.


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