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Thursday, September 14, 2006


I'm having difficulty updating this blog at a regular interval. It's not because I am being lazy or anything, but nothing much has happened ever since I came back to Japan and I don't feel the necessity to write down these insignificant events.

Basically, I had been working the past few days. Wherever you are on the face of this planet, in most cases, work is a boring theme to make blog posts on. Nevertheless, there had been few exciting happenings as well...I would like to name them "MSN Night Chats".

With the help of mixi, I had been able to collect MSN addresses from many of the participants of this year's Downing College Summer School Programme and because of this, I had been chatting overnight online. The first of these fun, but unhealthy event took place on Sunday. As if we were still in Cambridge, we talked on and on and on until 4am.

Another one of these happenings took place the day before yesterday with fewer participants, but with an advanced technology. The new Windows Live Messenger's Sharing Folder feature enabled us to share photos we took during our stay there, online. I guess this successfully brought us closer to that "unreality" we had so much fun in. On Tuesday, we chatted on until half past 4 in the morning.

MSN had been a part of my life since 8th grade, for some people, phone calls could be better suited for communication. That 20 minute-long phone call was quite fun as well...thanx! lol


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