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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Let's see...where did I left off? I was unable to make an entry for the last 2 days, so I guess I will do so now.

27th - My workaholic week began. 11 days have passed since my last shift and I had some difficulty catching up with everyone. Fortunately, I didn't completely forget the knowledge necessary for this work, but some specific details were lost through the overwriting process of other academics. Yes, I have made a lot more errors than before. Some more effort maybe necessary. Afterwards, I went shopping for an voltage converter in Yokohama and brought it home. At home, I did the usual stuff and had some conversations online with few people. I must not forget the fact that I made my first phone call to Ireland to reserve ourselves a place to stay. It was a bit difficult due to an unfavorable signal situation in my room, but the beds are reserved indeed and the payment was taken off my credit card. Next up: plane reservation.

28th - Another day at work. I will skip this part, since it's not interesting at all. After work, I headed for Shibuya to commence one last convivial meeting for the Summer School Participants. I must say...I was quite clever to reserve a place where cancellation fee was unnecessary. 8 people had cancelled their participation on that day and it was a bit tiring for me to grasp the chaotic situation on attendance. The party itself did go well, but I was sleepy throughout the day from all the hassle with reservation the day before. Things went quite well until I had made that awful error in the secondary party...

29th - I was in a state of self-disgust, regret and guilt simultaneously all day long during work. Work was as usual with all the boredom and an early dismissal. Unfortunately, I was so exhausted after work that I didn't possess the strength to bring myself over to SFC where my friends were having their a capella concert. I must apologize for this as well.

I guess that's about it. Tomorrow's another lame day at work. I would rather bring out my suitcase and begin packing for those upcoming glory in Britain, but I need the money and the time to make that money Boo hoo.


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