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Monday, July 17, 2006

full day

The dreadful exams are coming up and all I'm thinking about in my mind is about the exams. Lie. To be honest, all I'm thinking about is about the upcoming trip to the UK, but the reality is right beyond the horizon and I must study as much as I can to brace myself for a cruel week of continuous testing.

Since all of the classes I took last year were relatively easy, this year feels a lot more tougher and I am having difficulty completing my study on all of the classes. I managed to finish Criminal Law today and I will return to Economic Science as soon as this entry is posted on the web.

Above all, it's really hard to concentrate with all sorts of ideas and plans regarding Britain swirling in your mind. The exams begin tomorrow. I haven't finished studying for any of the subjects besides Criminal Law. Conclusion: gotta go.


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